Advantages of Creating Hulu Profiles on Roku

by Evan Luke October 25, 2018

Hulu profiles

In 2016, in order to make its streaming TV service more personalized to their users, Hulu announced the debut of user profiles. Based on their activity on the player, each of the Hulu profiles on Roku gets their own recommendations, Watchlists and viewing history. The user profiles feature is available to mobile users too and is inclusive of kids’ profiles as well. Set up a special profile for every child in the household and parents will be able to control what they are watching. Their access to mature content can be successfully locked down with this feature.

Hulu profiles on Roku

Hulu profiles on Roku


Competitive edge

Certainly, with the profile creation option, Hulu has a competitive advantage because they will now be able to personalize the streaming experience for each and every individual. This is also where most of the streaming services compete with each other. In the end, it always matters that the customers get what they want to watch. Otherwise, they may only switch over to another service that provides them this facility.

Hiding inappropriate content from kids

Additionally, with Kids’ Hulu profiles on Roku with, parents who don’t want their kids watching frightening and inappropriate content can avail of this service fully.


Get a personalized experience by creating individual Hulu profiles for everyone at home. This will also contain each members’ information so that they can get recommendations depending on their viewing.


This also helps you track all your movies and shows without any interference. Your list will not be influenced by what someone else is watching in a single household. While each of these profiles is created in a single Hulu account, they will still have their own personalized suggestions. With this, everyone can make the most out of their streaming player as well their Hulu experience.

Kids’ profiles

Children can watch kid-friendly content when you create profiles for them. This way you do not have to worry if they are watching content that they ideally shouldn’t be.

Profile Creating Process

A profile is automatically created for you when you add your username and other credentials. In addition to this, you can create up to 6 additional Hulu profiles on Roku.


  • Just hover over your profile name and you will see a drop-down list
  • From here, select ‘Add Profile’
  • There are two ways of adding either from the welcome screen or from the account menu
    • On the welcome screen select ‘New Profile’
    • Alternatively, go to the ‘Account’ menu and click on ‘Profiles’ from where you can select ‘New Profile’

If you need any assistance for creating profiles, call us at +1-844-205-5740 or visit Roku

More about kids’ profiles

You have the option of creating kids’ profiles when you add a new profile. The moment you do this, only family-based content will be available to the viewer who logs into this. Content from Hulu Kids will be relayed and personalized suggestions will then be based on the profile’s viewing history. Having a kid profile does not mean assigning parental controls. It only means that limited access is available to the kids from the Hulu library. Parents can let their kids safely browse through the Hulu channel without the fear of accidentally exposing them to unwanted content through kids Hulu profiles on Roku.

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