Troubleshoot Hulu Not Working On Roku

by Evan Luke June 21, 2018

Hulu Not Working On Roku

Playback issues are common amongst most channels that you frequently stream on your Roku device. The reasons that lead to such issues can be classified into two major categories; bad internet or channel side server issue. Therefore, analyze the problem first and then troubleshoot such playback issues with expert help from our website.

Hulu Not Working On Roku

Hulu Not Working On Roku

First step – Root Cause Investigation

There are several reasons why certain channels face the issue ‘Hulu not working on Roku’ on the Roku platform. Therefore, you must identify and investigate the root cause before you begin troubleshooting.

Popular issues faced by users

  • Certain TV show or movie is unavailable to play on Hulu.
  • Black screen.
  • Video streaming issues.
  • Poor-quality videos.
  • Videos are re-buffering.

The issue and root cause are two inseparable entities and therefore have to be ascertained to arrive at the correct solution to your problem.

Hulu channel not playing only a certain TV show or movie

For example, if Hulu does not stream the Handmaid’s Tale, then there could be an error from the channel’s side. This is generally referred to as an outage or as a service interruption which is mostly resolved by Hulu themselves. Our website will not be able to provide any resolution to such problems, but maybe suggest other alternatives to get the Hulu channel back on track.

Black screen

This concern is very much like the one mentioned below in which you can avail assistance from our customer support team; get help on other issues pertaining to the channel. Another major reason that causes the Hulu not working on Roku problem is a compatibility issue between your TV and the Roku. Check for device and channel compatibility from our team of experts available to help you 24/7 at our toll-free number.

Video streaming issues

A video streaming issue is common mostly if you faced an issue either during setup or during activation. To troubleshoot the issue, we recommend you first check the status of your connections under the SETTINGS menu. There are different options corresponding to different scenarios which can verified in such situations. If you are unable to locate the issue, you must probably try performing a SYSTEM RESTART for the changes to reflect.

Videos are re-buffering

A bad or faulty internet connection may cause poor-quality content or constant re-buffering of videos. This again can be caused either by your router or network switch or by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). Therefore, you must locate the issue first and then get down to solving it; either try using a different router or network switch or contact your ISP. This will in most cases resolve the Hulu not working on Roku issue.

In case your issue is not listed on our website Roku, you can call us at our toll-free number +1-844-205-5740 to register your query and get the best support from our expert team.

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