How To Update Hulu on Roku?

by Evan Luke June 22, 2018

Update Hulu on Roku

Hulu’s new Live TV service was launched on the Roku sometime in 2017. It came out with a new look that was available across all Roku devices and platforms. As one of the top streaming devices in the United States, Roku is a key platform for Hulu. Most of the time Roku ensures that it is always using the current software version on its devices. During the initial setup process itself the device checks for compatible software and updates it immediately. Randomly, this activity still takes place every 24 to 36 hours when the player is turned on. Without any interruption to current viewing, the device downloads and installs the software. Then how to update Hulu on Roku and how do you know if your software is in its current version?

How to update Hulu on Roku

How to update Hulu on Roku

Note: You can check for this manually. Usually, users may have to look for updates if you have not used the player for a long period of time or if the channel that you last installed is non-certified.

To update Hulu on Roku, first and foremost, always keep the firmware on your device updated. Check as follows

  • First press ‘Home’ on Roku’s remote and then press on the ‘Settings’ option. Thereafter, look for ‘System Update’ under ‘System’.
  • The screen will show the current version of the software, and the last date and time when the update took place.
  • Press ‘Check Now’ to manually see if there are any updates
  • If there is any software update available, the player may have to reboot after it is completed.

Power cycling the Roku

What happens when your Hulu is not working and you are experiencing issues with it? It only means you may have to update the channel app. When you do not update it, you can even experience playback issues.

  • First, remove the Roku from its power and switch it off fully
  • It is recommended to wait for a while (about 15 seconds) before you power the device up again
  • You may also restart the system by going to the ‘Settings’ menu from the ‘Home’ page and then clicking on ‘Power’ and finally, on ‘System restart’.
  • Power cycling your device is always the best way to fix most Roku errors

Fixing other Hulu-Roku Errors

Soft reset your Roku whenever you feel that you are having an issue watching Hulu. Alternatively, you can also perform a hard reset if the error continues.

Soft Reset

Roku’s Soft Reset process helps fix a lot of problems without losing data.

  • When you are watching your favorite programming on Hulu and the screen freezes, then press the buttons as follows:
    • HOME X 5 -> UP x 1 -> REWIND x 2 -> FAST FORWARD x 2
  • For those who own the Roku Premiere, Ultra or Roku 4 devices do the following:

Note: In other Roku devices, either at the bottom or the back, you will see a ‘Reset’ button. Just press and hold it for restarting the system.

Hard Reset

To Hard Reset or to restore ‘Factory Settings’ on your Roku device, you have to do the following:

  • First, go to the ‘Settings’ tab and then press on ‘System’
  • Then go to ‘Advanced System Settings’ and under this menu, you will find the ‘Factory Reset’
  • Just press ‘Yes’ when you see ‘Factory Reset’ again

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