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Activate Hulu to watch the Popular Programs – roku

Hulu is one of the popular and best channels on Roku ( roku ) , which telecasts the programs that are in demand. Go to the Hulu library and search for your favorite content. You need to pay the subscription charges to get the channel.

Hulu streaming Library to choose your Favorites

The streaming library has different program categories and includes ( Roku)

  • Past and current episodes of Hulu originals
  • Original Movies, Kids originals, seasons of Hit shows and a lot more
  • Other Popular shows such as The Mindy Project, National Treasure
  • Apart from the existing collections, you can also add collections from other popular networks such as HBOGO and Showtime roku

Latest Models of Roku streaming Devices to watch Hulu

You can access the channels on the latest models of Roku streaming devices-Roku 3, Roku Express, Roku streaming stick,  Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere Plus, Roku express plus, Roku ultra, Roku 4, Roku TV and a few more. Each of these devices has unique features and focuses the attention of most of the users today.

Channel Developer of Hulu channel

The channel developer of Hulu channel ( roku) is Hulu LLC and the best part is that there are more than 50 plus live and on-demand programs. You can find the channel from the Movies and TV categories.

How to Add the Channel on your streaming Device

Prepare your streaming device

  • Initially prepare your Roku streaming device
  • Check if you connect all the cables to the device including the Power cables
  • Choose a good quality HDMI cable – Premium cables and then connect it to the streaming device and the Roku TV
  • For users who have the older version of Roku TV can use the composite audio and video cables.

hulu channel list

Navigate to our webpage to know the activation steps in detail. You can also deactivate and remove the channel if not required or cancel the subscriptions any time.

Steps to complete Hulu Channel Activation – Roku

  • Turn on your streaming device and check for cable connection
  • Check if you have an account if so, log in with the credentials
  • If you do not have an account, go to and provide the required Information. This includes username, Password, and Email ID
  • Always check if the correct Port is chosen
  • Sign in with the Roku account credentials
  • Make a note of the activation code in that is visible on your TV screen
  • Press the star button on the remote to get a new code
  • Use the code to link the streaming device with the Roku account
  • The next step is to navigate to the channel store and search for the Hulu channel
  • If the added channel is not visible on your home screen, you have the settings to find the channel.
  • All you need to do is to perform a quick system Update

Settings for update and Restart

  • Settings > System > System Update to update the streaming device
  • Go to Settings > System > System Restart to perform a quick Restart
  • Verify the operating system of the streaming device which you are using and make sure it is compatible to stream the channels
  • Turn on your device > Go to Home screen > Navigate to the channel store > Select Hulu channel > Click on the Add channel option to add the channel

Alternate Method to activate the Hulu Channel

activate Hulu on Roku

  • Power on your Pocket devices –Smartphone and tablet
  • If required, you can use your web browser to sign in to your account using the link that is visible on the screen
  • The next step will prompt you to login to your Roku account with the exact credentials
  • A search box will be visible where you can type the name of the channel
  • Provide the respective code when Prompted in Roku.
Roku Mobile App to subscribe the Hulu Plus channel

If you prefer watching the Hulu channel from your pocket devices such as smartphones or tablets, download the Hulu app and check if it is compatible with the device
Select the channel and click add channel option to add the channel to your account

How to avoid the Channel Activation Errors on Roku streaming device?

As the Hulu error codes occur, check and verify the activation code. Use the star button on your Remote to get a new code
Restart the device
Check and verify the Internet connection status. If it is wired, check the Ethernet cable
Avoid connecting multiple streaming devices to the Router to improve the wireless signal strength. You can also try using the wireless Range extenders

Tips to improve the wireless signal strength are given on our website

If it is wireless, print a wireless network test report and make sure that the credentials are valid. Check the network settings
Check if you have a valid Roku account
Enter a valid Roku account Pin to make authorized channel purchases
Check if your streaming device has the latest version of the software

Note -Our webpage has Information about the channel activation and Hulu troubleshooting process in detail

To add the channel to your Roku streaming device, navigate to the Home screen of your device and then press the add channel option.

To know more about the programs on Hulu channel and the steps to activate it on your Roku streaming device, call our agents and speak to them right away.

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